Maxpro Girls & Boys Youth Basketball League


The D-League is open to ALL levels of basketball players and focuses on fundamentals and enjoying the game.

The Maxpro D-League was created for boys and girls, grades 3rd- 8th, to provide a fresh opportunity to help kids learn the game of basketball. It is essential that proper technique and sound fundamentals are introduced at the foundation of your childs basketball development, as they are beginning to play the game of basketball. Our Elite team coaches understand this and are skilled in helping them with these fundamentals while encouraging them to have fun and enjoy the game of basketball.

For more information contact us at, or by phone at 713-419-2900.


  • 6-week sessions. 1 hour of instruction directly followed by a game on the same day
  • 5-on-5 Game play and teams consist of 8-10 players
  • All Players will receive evenly distributed playing time
  • Offense: Proper shooting and dribbling technique
  • Defense: Man-to-man, zone and press introduced in league play
  • Non-Parent coaches: All teams coached by highly qualified Elite team coaches
  • Positive environment
  • Knowledgeable referees
  • Free entrance for friends and family