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The following are just some of the positive things the community is saying about us. We will continue to strive to be a positive influence in our community.


I want to thank you both for the wonderful program you have put together for the kids. Your leadership, guidance, and coaching is outstanding. Our son has learned a lot through the program..

I wanted to write this letter to share my experience with Maxpro and to thank all the coaches for their hard work. Every coach has been fully dedicated to help each player no matter what skill level they are on. I have truly appreciated each of the coaches positive attitude, Communication with the parents, and their true love/passion for the game of basketball. Each coach is highly skilled and truly desires to bring out the best player in your daughter/son. My daughter has truly benefited from Maxpro with her shots, defense, and dribbling skills. Thank you Maxpro for all you do for the kids.
The Steed Family

365 Elite has an excellent staff and they do a great job with the kids. The practices are structured (as well as fun) and are designed to not only build basketball skills but also develop confidence and character. If you live North of Houston and want to enhance your child's abilities, you should really consider this program!
The Ivy's

365 Elite has provided our daughter a long term basketball home where she can grow, learn and have fun - not just as a basketball player, but more importantly, as a human being! Great league run by great folks, who know their basketball fundamentals and hone their players. They offer different options to serve a wide range of player needs - the seasoned AAU competitor wanting to advance and compete, the novice to intermediate player seeking skills sharpening, the non AAU player who wants competitive non AAU league play. All of these players and more will find a fantastic home here - we highly recommend 365/Maxpro, whatever your player's needs!!!
Elsa Ward

My son worked out today for the first time in his basketball class. He finished first or near the front of the pack in all the suicides/sprints. Freshman,JV and Varsity coaches were all pretty excited about the 6'6" big man tearing up the court! I just had to give kudos to you all for running such worthwhile, performance enhancing training!
Thank you for not letting him slack on the basics that make for a solid player!
Katherine F.

My daughter has played for 365 Elite for two years. Maxpro Training has tailored her practices very specifically to grow her skill set. Her level of play has continued to increase practice to practice and game to game. They are skillful in assembling a team. My daughter has had a wonderful experience playing with other players who are as dedicated to the sport as she is. I have and will continue to encourage other dedicated players to take advantage of the training Maxpro offers their athletes.
Kara Huskey

In the past 3 years we have done extensive search for a youth basketball organization that will be a home not just an "AAU" team for our son and daughter to develop their fundamental basketball skills and 365 Elite was it for us. As a parent, I am new to the game of basketball with limited knowledge so it was so assuring to finally find an organization that the coaches have demonstrated a high level of passion, dedication and discipline in the sport of basketball. I am always confident as I have done background search as well that my kids are safe and in the right hands because each and every coach that I have personally seen work has demonstrated the right attitude and character working with kids. Our daughter, since playing on a team coached by Theresa Tran has not only grown in her fundamental skills in her first year as a basketball player but also in her knowledge of the game and an overall athlete. Our son who has had some challenges in his journey but has now resurrected his passion and abilities when he joined 365 Elite the last couple of months working with Coaches Ryan Bailey and Bernard Smith. Our son has made a lot of progress in his fundamental skills and conditioning as a basketball player and continues to develop and grow in all aspects of the game. If you are looking for a safe environment for a basketball loving child, then I strongly recommend 365 Elite because it is a very well organized club with dedicated and passionate coaching staff who have the knowledge and ability to help you as parent develop the fundamental skills, conditioning, strength, attitude, dedication, and character of your young athlete. I am a grateful parent and thankful for Coaches Bernard Smith and Therasa Tran as well as the rest of the coaching in their great leadership and just being role models in our beautiful community. 365 Elite is not just your typical AAU team but an organization built on the right coaching, knowledge, and hard work with some of the best coaches you will find our area.
Prosper Dogbatse

Would like to take a moment to show my appreciation for Coach Tran and the 365 Elite team/family. Coach Tran was the perfect fit for our child who is currently battling generalized anxiety disorder. Theresa was the perfect blend of calm, yet demanding at the same time. She made sure to take the individual's needs into account without sacrificing the teams goals. She remained patient with my daughter when her anxiety would flare up and get the best of her. That is the mark of a coach that is there to develop the individual and not just line their pockets with cash. With all that being said our child's skill level and understanding of the game took a huge leap forward and for that we are especially thankful. Elite 365 is an organization that develops basketball skills along with strong, confident young adults. Thank you!
Grateful Parent

Maxpro training helped me improve my game tremendously! After a few weeks of training at a very intense level, I felt much more confident and prepared when I stepped on the court!
Darion Lathan

MaxPro coaching for our 12 year old daughter has been not only been a tremendous experience for her, but also for my Wife and I. Both Coach Theresa and Bernard have improved our Daughter's skills, Confidence and an overall understanding for the game. My Daughter's favorite days of the week are Basketball with her now, close friends on the team. Theresa and Bernard are also "class acts" when it comes to being life examples for the Girls in dealing with tough game situations. Thanks to Both Coach Theresa and Coach Bernard for all you do!!!
Davis Graham

Basketball has always been a passion of mine; and I looked to excel in every way possible. From the age of 9 I began attending basketball camps; shooting, ball handling, game IQ and endurance building. Purchased several training aids and videos, yet nothing pushed me in my knowledge and ability, as did Bernard's instruction. I approached him when I had finally hit a roadblock no longer could I rely on my own knowledge I needed someone who could take my game to the next level. A skilled and accomplished basketball athlete who had walked the walk and could give me incite from another viewpoint. Bernard's training is unlike most; he is creative, fun and will challenge you on whatever skill level you wish to excel to. His knowledge of the game is amazing; he can provide insight on how to be recruited, how a highlight film should properly be recorded and game time strategies. He can take it down to the very core, removing the basketball from the picture, making you work hard on footwork. He will show you how to properly create space with and without the ball. Show enthusiasm, ask questions, be proactive and it will pay off. Bernard will not waist your time and he will not allow you to waist his. Push yourself and he will push you harder. Truly give 110% and it will pay off, I've known several who have trained with him and not once heard a negative report. My experience with Bernard's coaching, advising, and training was by far one of my wisest investments.
Jonathan Magouirk

The men's U17 team for summer 2016 was coached by Bernard Smith. He is an exceptional coach and most importantly he treated this age group as men and expected them to behave and play like men. There was no hand holding or coddling which there should not be for 17-18 year old men. This professional attitude helps prepare these men for the next level.
Ted Sherrill

Coach Bernard and Coach Theresa and the rest of the staff are passionate about teaching the kids/players the fundamentals on the game of basketball. They have a good, clean program. It's not just about winning games with them but also about how each player is progressing in their program. They offer clinics year round to help players improve on their skills. Over the last 2 years with the program our son has improved his game/skills each year with the program and loves playing in the program. Keep up the good work coach!
Rich Williams

As parents of a young son, we tried a bunch of different programs to help our son become a better basketball player and a better person. We were lucky to find Maxpro Trainging because Coach Smith and Coach Tran truly wanted to push our son. They had the coaching knowledge and strength of character to help push our son to the next level and they were honest with my wife and I the whole way.
Jeff Halbert

Coach Bernard is a tremendous coach as far as working with individuals or teams. He can truly take any player or team to the next level. Even more important, he can teach the game, and will be more then just a coach. Coach Bernard will be a friend and mentor also.
Joseph Almond

My son has been working with Coach Bernard since he was knee high to a grasshopper. I want to acknowledge that your Basketball Skills Training program, has worked for us and it is evident that you have a passion for the game. I am truly blessed to have found you. I am excited to inform you I will be enrolling my daughter in your training program this Summer.
D.C. Hammons

As a Highschool basketball player, Coach Bernard has had a huge impact on my success. He has been a huge inspiration, and I truly believe that with his help, he can take anyone's game to the next level. He knows the game of basketball extremely well, and has helped me in every aspect of the game from ball handling, to defense. No matter what aspect of the game you need to work on, he can help you. He has been the best coach I've had throughout my basketball career, and I strongly recommend Coach Bernard to anyone that is serious about basketball.
Taylor Lanez

My favorite sport is basketball. I have been preached to by Coach Bernard Smith that basketball fundamentals are the most important concept of the game. These fundamentals not only make you a better basketball player, but they make you a better team player. I want to thank you Coach Smith for teaching me this basic concept. I have been successful thus far on my High School basketball team. Your Basketball Skills Training program works, it has help me become a better all-around player. I appreciate all that you have done for me. I look forward to training with you again this year.
Micheal Campbell, Cypress Creek High School

Coach Bernard Smith has a gift for connecting with kids. He is a coach that brings out the best in his players and provides them with the means to reach their potential and be the best that they can be. He is a great basketball coach.
C. Almond

Undoubtedly the best instruction in Montgomery County.
Stephanie Virgadamo