365 Elite AAU Boys & Girls Youth Basketball
AAU basketball

The Amateur Athletic Union(AAU) is a non-profit organization that provides organizational support as well as liability insurance to those organizations(including 365 Elite) under the AAU umbrella.

365 Elite participates in AAU sanctioned events and all players entered in those events must be registered with the AAU. Therefore, athletes who wish to compete with 365 Elite must become a member of the AAU. Before participating in a 365 Elite Team each player must present to 365 Elite a current membership card.

To purchase your Athlete Membership Click Here to create an account and fill out the athlete membership application or click the Join AAU link below. For any other AAU questions Click Here and if you have any other questions about 365 Elite you can Contact Us.

During the registration process you may be requested for the Club and Club Code. Please use the following information.
Club: 365 Elite
Club Code: WY7D75