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365 Elite is the part of our program that forms season long teams to play the boys and girls AAU/select season. Our teams are generally broken down by grade level. 365 Elite is a definitely a step above the Youth League level (i.e. the YMCA, I-9, WCBL, etc), so it is not made for every player. We have tryouts to determine teams and we cut way more players than we keep. The AAU/Select season is quite tough and rigorous and many players are not ready for it. Thus we often suggest our players to go through the Maxpro Youth League to help them get ready the 365 Elite season.

365 Elite has two seasons. We have a spring/summer season and fall season. The spring/summer season has tryouts in January and February which is followed by team formation. The teams typically get together in late February or March and play through June/July. The fall teams try out in August and generally play September to November.

The fees are different for each type of team and the fees will be provided to you before the season starts. There are no hidden costs. The fees cover your games, practices, coaches, uniforms, and administration fees.

365 Elite coaches are highly qualified and we do a background check on them all. We have a wide and experienced range of coaches. From former high school and collegiate players to middle and high school coaches. We do not like for "Dads" or "Moms" to coach teams as we would rather they enjoy watching their children while getting quality coaching. Each teams coach is the same coach all season.

We start boys and girls tryouts in January and it lasts until middle of February. Tryouts are open for anyone yet we ask that you be ready to work because playing AAU/Select basketball is tough! We want players to come to several tryouts to see how they work with different players and to find the best fit.

We only allow a maximum of 10 players per team/per season.

Maxpro Training is designed to help your child improve their game through skills drills, game situations, and physical training. We structure our training to generally keep ages together, but skill levels are often mixed. Our Training is not designed to be fun and light as the coaches are mostly former collegiate players who know what level of commitment it takes and so the training is pretty intense.

The Maxpro Youth League is for players looking to get court time with different types of teammates each week. The Youth League has beginners through AAU/select players in it. The coaching is more intense than most youth leagues and we focus strongly on the players improving more than simply winning a game. Our format allows for different teammates each week and thus allows the players to grow.

The Maxpro Youth League coaches are experienced former players and coaches. They are not volunteer parents.

We offer Maxpro group training sessions several times throughout the year. Refer to the Maxpro Training Page for sessions. To schedule an individual or private group session contact us at for more information.

Primarily our programs are out of League Preparatory Academy. 365 Elite teams practice at other locations in The Woodlands or surrounding area.

Before participating in a 365 Elite Team, Maxpro Training our Maxpro Youth Leauge each player must present a current membership card.

To purchase your Athlete Membership Click Here to create an account and fill out the athlete membership application or click the Join AAU link below. For any other AAU questions Click Here and if you have any other questions about 365 Elite you can Contact Us.

During the registration process you may be requested for the Club and Club Code. Please use the following information.
Club: 365 Elite
Club Code: WWA5CB

You can click here to go our payment page or if you are sending us a payment then you can send it to the following:
PO BOX 2173
Conroe, Texas 77305